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by Guccy

Families and friends can communicate with their relatives or colleagues incarcerated in prison through CorrLinks. This is an online service that is convenient enough to get in touch with loved ones in prisons or correction centers. The www.corrlinks.com will help you communicate. Using the website is very easy with a computer connected to the internet. The first thing you have to do is to sign up and agree to the terms and conditions of use before creating an account so that you can communicate with the inmate you will add to your address book. Your account allows you to add a list of inmates you wish to contact from any of the subscribing facilities.

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To add inmates to your address book, you will need to know their inmate numbers. It is possible to contact inmates immediately after you add them. This is through composing and sending email messages. Exchange of photos or video in the message is not allowed between the inmates and their friends or relatives. If you wish to contact a federal inmate, you will have to add the inmate using the identification code sent to you through email. The CorrLinks email system is not totally free but requires subscription paid using a VISA or a MasterCard credit card.

Charges for using the CorrLinks site depend on the agreements made with correctional agencies. It is also the staff at the correctional agencies who decide on when to deliver the messages. The staffs also have an obligation to go through the message and may choose to hold it or even reject it just as it may happen to a letter or parcel send to the institution. This measure is for the safety of the inmates and you can be sure that your friends or family members incarcerated in prison facilities won’t be subjected to mental abuse by strangers. No fee is refunded just incase a message is rejected as fees are charged for delivering the message.

A cancellation of your account will happen upon request if your incarcerated friends or family members have been released from the facility. In this case, it is also possible to request for a balance refund. Your remaining balance can be issued within 48 hours to your credit card. Charges made on CorrLinks website via a credit card appear on the credit card statement as “CorrLinks/AdvTecGrp”.

To send a message, go to http://www.corrlinks.com , click on Mailbox, and then click New Message. Go on and click “Click to add recipients”. You can put a check in the box that has the inmate’s name. You can then click Ok, type your subject and message. After you are through, you can click on Send. If you need help about the site, you can contact CorrLinks’ Customer Support.

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